Try Southern Cooking at Home with PeachDish Meal Kits

PeachDish is one of the meal kit delivery services that specializes in Southern-inspired cooking. As a meal kit, it provides the exact amount of ingredients needed for home chefs to create their own home-cooked meals, but with a Southern locavore influence that gives PeachDish a unique edge on the competition.



Founded in 2013 by Atlanta native Hadi Irvani after a particularly fun and interactive dinner party, PeachDish now ships over 200,000 meals across the continental United States every year. Each week, nine dishes are available for order: six that change weekly, and three that change seasonally. Celebrated Southern chefs such as Steven Satterfield and Sheri Castle invent all the recipes themselves based off seasonally available ingredients from small-scale Southern farms and artisans, while PeachDish’s in-house registered dietician and nutrition team ensure every meal provides the maximum health benefits to customers. The focus is on sustainable, seasonal foods that are both healthy and delicious.

There are several different kinds of meal plans to fit any situation. The kits serve between two (for 25$) to twelve (for $130) people each, with options available for vegetarians and meat-eaters. Those with gluten sensitivities can also enjoy PeachDish meals by use of home substitutions for any glutenous products. There is also the Superfood series, a line of meals with lower calories, sodium, fat, and cholesterol that also contain at least four “superfoods” known for their healthful properties.

In addition to the meal kits, PeachDish also has an online market that sells artisanal products from Southern makers. Anything from sustainably raised seafood and beef to condiments and seasonings to cookbooks and linens is available for purchase.


On the week of August 21st, a total of 11 meals were available for purchase. Here are a few examples off the PeachDish menu:

  • Georgia-Grown Ribeye Steaks with Bacon, Blue Cheese, and Snap Peas
  • Guest chef Kevin Clark’s Comfy Chicken with Biscuits and Sausage Gravy
  • Wild-Caught Alaskan Cod with Succotash and Tomato Gravy
  • Turkey Burgers with Bacon-Balsamic Relish and Roasted Okra
  • Corn, Red Bean, and Okra Gumbo with Long-Grain Rice


One unique feature of PeachDish is its recycling program. They have attempted to minimize the overall environmental impact of their business by using recyclable and biodegradable products in its packaging. Nearly every facet of the packaging can be reused and recycled, from the re-freezable, non-toxic ice packs and compostable jute linens to the very cardboard boxes the meal kits are delivered in.

If you are local to the Atlanta area, they can provide a unique way to deal with any excess food: simply visit a local farmer’s market or Whole Foods and deliver the food waste to PeachDish in person. Those outside the area can also reuse the food in other meals, entering a monthly contest via the #RePeach tag on Twitter.


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